You Don't Let Your Kids Run Out In The Street

Undeniably, the safety and welfare of our children today is a daily conversation that’s present in all forms of media. In the first 14 schooldays of the 2014 school year there were 7 school shootings. Since the tragedy at Newtown Elementary School, U.S. News & World Report’s reported that by December 2013 there had been at least 24 school shootings or acts of violence claiming at least another 17 lives.


Our experience and capabilities can assess, design and deploy many levels of risk management products and services to significantly reduce the likelihood of school violence or unwarranted accessibility to your campus. Mitigating risks is about access control, personnel management and authentication. The execution and implementations available within our industry have grown exponentially and increase our abilities to provide those controls at a greatly reduced cost with increased speed and end-user ease of use.


If you are campus administrator, teacher or parent with questions regarding safety of your students or children, First Security can assess and provide the systems and tactics required to promote the highest level of safety for your students and children.

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