What's Our P3 Performance Pledge?

Winning your business is the easy part. Keeping your business comes from outstanding service and communication.


We believe a promise promoting the service style you expect should be simple to understand and clear from the beginning. Ours Is. The largest percentage of our business comes by way of referral. It always starts with a conversation about they're friend or neighbor, family member or co-worker who has been waiting and waiting for service, been re-scheduled a few times and then told that particular item was not under a coverage umbrella. We love those and will usually fix your problems at no cost to you to earn your business.


Promise 1. We provide and participate in using some of the industries leading products. We will be price competitive for our products and services as long as the comparative is aligned with what we or our competitors are offering.


Promise 2. Price is not everything when you are choosing a local company that sells their contract to a third party and then outsources your system monitoring to a fourth party providing ultra-cheap monitoring from the middle of a small town in Florida. Happens every day and never results in a happy customer. We Don't.


Promise 3.  With the occasional exceptions of inventory availability, providing a promise to serve is simple. Under our full and complete Lifetime Warranty Promise, We pledge to provide you fast, accurate and simple service solutions within 72 hours from your request or our service deductible fee comes at no cost to you. Check your written warranty for specific allowances and exclusions.



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