When A Camera System Is Designed Correctly,

There Really Is Only One Side To The Story.

From a single camera to fully networked campus-wide surveillance systems, we provide flexible, powerful CCTV solutions, bringing together high quality, crisp images with advanced storage, retrieval and networking.


 We can provide traditional analog systems, high resolution IP systems, long range thermal sensor systems, or any combination.  We can integrate this video into other security or operational systems at your organization. In the case of some clients, it may be desirable to keep surveillance of your standard business network.  We are happy to build a stand-alone security network and designs for any scenario.


Ask about utilizing your current system and migrating new technologies of remote access and control with older systems still doing a great job. Too often, companies will tell a client that a requirement to utilize newer technologies requires a full upgrade and equipment exchange elevating your costs. Many times over, that is untrue and an unnecessary expense to your project.


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